by Alfred Lor


A portfolio of creative Wedding Reportage by Alfred Lor – Creative Garden Route Wedding Photographer. I am based in the Western Cape of South Africa and shoot weddings all over. I am easy going, bearded, love the colour yellow best and dont trust apples. My Style might be best described as creative reportage, although I think the best may just for you to have a look at the images and decide for yourself. I dont shoot orthodox documentary (unless you ask me to) as I do “arrange” the odd photo, specifically your Bride and Groom Portraits. Even so, I dont do posing, so although I might tell you to stand here or there, or face this way or that, I will allow you to interact with each other naturally so that in essence I am arranging the backdrop, not your pose or posture.

I also shoot a bunch of other stuff, like architecture, travel and lifestyle shoots for commercial and editorial commissions, and shoot documentary and landscapes for personal projects. Check out